"Shit happens"
- Mariah Carey, 2017

On the fateful evening of 31 December 2016, during her NYE performance in Times Square, pop diva legend Mariah Carey couldn't hear those precious 'We Belong Together' lyrics she was meant to be lip syncing. The microphone fell away from her mouth but the voice kept on singing, her voice no longer belonging to her mouth. She was caught!

Was it deliberate sabotage?! Was it just a technical accident?! Who knows... But one thing is for sure, shit happened.

Coined by Huffington Post as 'the mother of all lip sync fails', Mariah's New Year's performance will go down in music performance history as a total fucking mess. BUT NOT HERE!

To celebrate the shit that happened that tragic evening, Rosanna McNamara gave the mother of all lip-sync extravaganzas by performing some of Mariah's most popular and powerful songs tracing her legacy through her highs and her lows, but most importantly through her self-described 'escape' into music...

Audiences joined Rosanna/Mariah via Facebook Live and became part a glittering fantasy dreamlover world of lip syncing. Viewers are invited to sync along with Rosanna/Mariah and to record your syncs and share them online.


"When I lip-sync with you, I remember you"
- Rosanna McNamara, 2016

It just don’t get any better.”
- Mariah Carey, 2017