'THE TALENT' poster by Laura Nicholson

Celebrity is dead
His bloated body beached on the shore
We don’t know what to do with it,
Do we mourn? Do we burn the corpse?
Or instead do we cannibalize the bones
Build a stage
And project ourselves on to a screen made of skin

Boo. Cry or scream. Howl. Throw a chair or get on stage and say something. Eat each other.


YOUSSRA Manlaykhaf - @youssyrawr
DAISY Ann Evans - @daisyapancake
LISA Lisa - lisalisaxxoo.com
KATY Pike - katypike.co.uk
OREN Shoesmith - @orenshoesmith
SARAH Pritchard - @sarah.j.p
LAURA Nicholson - @lwrnicholson
OLLIE Musson - @sheerdesperation
MURTAZA Murad - @murtazamuradartwork / @murtmurad

Artwork by HOLLY Buckle - hollybuckle.co.uk

Thanks to jelly, The University of Reading, and John Russell

Below is the documentation video of the event, produced and directed by Rosanna McNamara and Laura Prime as FORKED